Top 5 Propane Accessories for Summer

Are the longer days and rising temps of the summer beckoning you to stay outside for just a little while longer? We don’t blame you. With the smell of a barbecue in the air and the feel of the grass between our toes it’s no wonder most people like to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible this time of year.

But is your outdoor space as updated as it could be? Here are our top propane accessories to help you make the most of your summer.

Top Propane Accessories For Summer

1. Gas Grill

A propane grill ignites with the turn of the knob, which makes it very easy to use. They distribute constant and even heat throughout the grill, and are simple to clean and maintain, unlike charcoal grills.

2. Mosquito Traps

Keep pesky bugs away with a propane mosquito trap. It’s time to trade-in the ineffective bug sprays and candles. These traps protect your backyard without the stinky smell.

enjoying pool heater

3. Pool Heater

Take the plunge without the fear of diving into arctic-cold water. With propane-heating your pool or spa will be the perfect temperature every single time.

4. Fire Pit

Easy and convenient, fire pits are perfect for gathering and relaxing with loved ones with just a flip of a switch.

5. Generator

Texas is no stranger to summer storms and if the power goes out it’s good to know that you have back-up power with a propane generator.

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