Tips For Winterizing and Storing Your Propane Grill

It’s November and old man winter is fast approaching. If you’re not a winter griller, now is the time to prepare your propane grill for hibernation. If you don’t plan on using your gas grill for an extended period of time, winterizing it and storing it properly will help keep it safe and extend the life of your grill to ensure it fires up and is ready to go next time you’re ready to use it.

Keep reading for some easy and simple steps to prepare your grill for winter storage.

winterizing your propane grill

Shut Off Propane

First things first. Before you start doing anything to the grill, make sure that your propane tank is shut off from the gas line. Simply disconnect the tank from the and ensure the valve is tightly closed.


Thoroughly clean the inside and outside, making sure to clean the grease, food and anything else which may be in your grill. Leaving grease on your grill can corrode the inside and attract animals through the winter season. Once cleaned, be sure to dry off all parts with a microfiber cloth before putting them back in the grill.


Coat the burners and other metal grill parts with cooking oil to repel moisture that can build up over the winter and to prevent rust.

Removing Igniter

If your grill uses an electronic igniter system remove the battery before storing the grill to prevent corrosion of the contacts and the battery itself. Doing so will keep the igniter sparking for much longer.

gas grill cover for winter

Grill Storage

If you are storing the grill outside, reconnect the propane tank and make sure the valve is in the off position. Place a cover over your grill to protect it from the winter elements. If you are storing the grill inside a garage, basement or shed, make sure to leave the propane tank outside, closed and in an upright position.

Proper Tank Storage

Unlike gasoline, propane fuel doesn’t need to be winterized. Fortunately, freezing temperatures don’t pose a danger to your propane tank. However, you should also take steps to protect the propane tank from the winter elements by covering up your propane tank with a plastic tarp to keep snow and ice from building up on the tank. Remember, propane tanks should never be stored inside your house, garage, or shed.

Set some time apart to complete these winter storage tips and come spring, you’ll be back to grilling in no time! Even if you plan on grilling all year long, going through the cleaning process is essential to ensuring your grill stays in tip-top shape at all times. Regardless of the time of year, Nelson Propane is here for all your propane needs. Contact us today!

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