Propane Flood Safety: Everything You Need To Know.

Torrential rains and catastrophic flooding are a stark reality all across Texas. Communities are facing disaster floods like never before, with flooding becoming the most common and costly natural disaster in the US.

propane flood safety

As the saying goes - when it rains, it pours. So, Nelson Propane wants to offer you key preparation and safety tips to keep your family and home safe and secure in the event of flooding and/or evacuation.

How To Prepare

  • Properly secure propane tanks, to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Turn off the gas supply valve in a clockwise direction at the tank, if necessary.

  • Turn off appliance pilot lights, control valves, and manual shut-off valves.

  • Be sure there is an adequate supply of fuel in the tank, as fuel may not be readily available and roads leading to your home might not be accessible for delivery.

  • Remember never store propane tanks or outdoor appliances indoors or in enclosed areas, including portable generators.

When To Call Us

  • If you smell propane gas

  • If your tank shifts, becomes dislodged, or in the event that you find a tank on your property that does not belong to you

  • The tank regulator, controls or propane appliances were exposed to water.

  • The gas lines have pulled away from the tank or if the lines are damaged, bent or broken

texas propane flood safety

Important Reminders

Propane appliances with controls or regulators that have been under water should be inspected by us before being put back into service. Do not turn on the propane supply or operate the equipment prior to inspection by a qualified service technician.

By taking a few simple propane-related safety precautions you can reduce the potential for property loss or injuries. If you have more safety-related questions or want to know about our propane services, give us a call at 800-234-9052.

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