Prep Your Grill For Grilling Season

After the record-breaking winter season we had here in Texas, if you haven’t fired up the ol’ grill, well, duty calls. Not only is May National BBQ month, but grilling season is also upon us. But before you get your meaty-fix for the traditional Memorial Day kick-off - how about you take some time to prep your grill with these safety tips below?

prep your grill for grilling season with propane

  • If you haven’t used the grill for some time, make sure you thoroughly check the inside. Rodents and small animals tend to set up nests in the outdoor equipment that sits idle for some time.

  • When was the last time you cleaned your grill? If you can’t remember, chances are it probably needs a good cleaning - especially since leftover grease is the leading cause of grill fires. Before you cook, preheat the grill and scrub it thoroughly with a grill brush and soapy water then later add some cooking oil to the grates.

  • Don’t forget to inspect the propane tank! Pull the tank out and look for any visible damage like cracks or dents. In addition, use the water and soap mixture to check for any leaks.

  • Use your grill in an open area with good clearance above it. Remove any combustible materials that may be nearby.

  • Keep the lid of the grill open while lighting to avoid flash burns. In addition, never leave the grill unattended.

  • Lastly, make sure you have enough propane in your grilling tanks! Extra uses means you need extra tanks. Fortunately, there are a number of Nelson Propane refill and exchange locations to help you or contact your local Nelson Propane location to schedule a service or refill. Happy grilling season ya’ll!

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