Halloween Safety Tips

Vampires, witches and ghosts, Oh My! The Halloween season is upon us and that means little ghouls and goblins are anxiously awaiting to hit the streets. Before you head out the door, there are some Halloween safety tips you will want to follow to ensure everyone has a good time.


Halloween is a fun holiday, however, due to the fact that it is one of the busiest nights that attract lots of kids and requires one to be extra cautious.

Unfortunate accidents might happen on anyone’s property, hence to ensure that everyone has a safe night prepare in advance by following these tips:

Remove all loose items from the porch and house entrance area. Toys, small flower pots, even garden hoses can make trick-or-treaters trip and hurt themselves. By taking extra precautions you will avoid slips and trips that might not be covered by your insurance.


Don’t forget the pets! To avoid an unfortunate incident, lock the pets inside the house and place the bowl of treats far away from that location. Halloween candy can contain ingredients not suitable for pets, in fact, it might be poisonous. Hence, keeping your pets away will help avoid unwanted disasters.

Place extra lanterns in the front of the house to light up the walk away. Even though trick-or-treaters are encouraged to wear reflective safety tapes or carry glow sticks, additional lighting will ensure no one gets hurt on your property.

Last but not least, don’t forget to inspect the propane levels in your house. Empty propane tanks will let the air and moisture in which in turn will increase the chance of rust build-up. In addition, pilot lights might run out, which is a dangerous situation you don’t want to find yourself in on a busy night like Halloween.

On behalf of everyone at Nelson Propane we wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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