Don't Be A Slave To The Grid. Plug Into Propane Instead.

Welp, just when we thought 2020 was about as bad as it can get, 2021 came out swingin’ folks. The recent state-wide power crisis left millions of our fellow Texans without heat or electricity for days as residents were at the mercy of the state’s power systems. Being blindsided by the state’s lack of preparedness has left many homeowners to discover that there are more reasons than ever for “living off the grid” than they originally thought.

Living off the grid using propane

Living off-grid doesn’t necessarily mean tiny houses, solar power, or wood stoves. Propane offers many benefits for off-grid systems without sacrificing our daily comforts. Propane is able to support fuel needs like stand-alone systems for home heating, hot water, cooking and other purposes, and because it’s a clean-burning fuel, it’s also a cost-effective home energy solution that can help lower energy bills.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to plug into propane instead of a power grid:

Propane Reliability

People like heating their home and water with propane because they know they will have a reliable supply of propane on hand whenever they need it. Unlike other energy sources, you can store your energy supply on-site for the ultimate level of security. Having a propane tank on your property gives you the ability to store an off grid energy supply that’s always ready for immediate use. This was extremely helpful during the recent freezing temps that left many power grid users scrambling for heat.

Propane Affordability

Propane appliances save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in annual energy costs compared to electric energy. Many electric providers have monopoly-like territories without competition to provide the best price. At Nelson Propane we strive to understand our customers’ needs and exceed those expectations which is why we even offer programs such as budget billing, which allows you to pay for your estimated annual gas bill in equal monthly payments!

off grid texas propane use

Propane Efficiency

High Efficiency Propane Furnaces: Propane furnaces provide a steady heating temperature of 115 to 125 degrees. Electric furnaces supply a heat below your average body temperature of 98 degrees, 60 percent of the time during heating seasons. Propane furnaces reach warmer temperatures much quicker than electric heating systems, meaning less run-time and lower operating costs.

Propane Water Heating: Energy Star propane tankless water heating units save about 13 to 20 percent in annual energy costs compared to electric units. They heat water as it’s needed, so you’re not paying to heat water stored in a tank. They also free up an average of 12 square feet of floor space compared to electric storage water heaters.

Propane Kitchen Appliances: Propane ovens, ranges and cooktops cost less to operate than their electric counterparts and provide a higher degree of control with precise temperatures. Plus, in many cases, a propane gas stove will continue to work during a power outage.

Propane Dryers: Propane Dryers are 20 percent less expensive to operate than electric dryers.

Propane is Clean

Propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel that burns cleanly and produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other energy sources. Propane is a non-toxic fuel that won’t contaminate soil or groundwater, making it safe to use anywhere.

Propane is American Made

Using propane for an off grid power system contributes to America’s energy independence.

Whether you decide to live off grid or not, remember Nelson Propane will always be here for all your propane needs. Contact us today! 1-800-234-9052

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