Does Propane Have A Shelf Life?

Have you ever gone to use your lawn mower only to discover that the gasoline fuel has gone bad? That’s because on average, gasoline has a shelf life of only three months. Luckily for you, there’s a much better fuel option for lawn equipment and emergency appliances like backup generators.

Propane’s shelf life is indefinite. That’s right. Unlike gasoline and diesel fuel, propane gas does not go bad or degrade with time. Once it is stored in a tightly sealed tank, propane gas cannot react chemically or physically with anything else.

The only limiting factor is making sure the tank in which the propane is stored remains in good condition. Small propane cylinders can deteriorate easily, but larger galvanized tanks can last up to 30 years before failing.

Versatile enough to use for cooking, heating, water heating, and even as a fuel for vehicles, propane is the perfect fuel and ideal choice for homeowners, farmers, and business owners everywhere. Ready to power your life with propane? Look no further than Nelson Propane to fuel all your propane needs.

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