9 Pro Tips For Winter Grilling

Many think that wintertime means grilling time is over, but for others, grilling is a year-round extreme sport. If you’re part of the few, the proud, the winter grillers - here are a few pro tips that we put together to help fire up your grill during the cooler months.

winter grilling tips

  • Get A Grill Cover - A grill cover is good to have all-year long but especially in the winter to protect from the elements and make starting up your grill quick and easy in the dead of winter.

  • Check Your Propane - Before anything, check your propane tank. You would hate to be ready to roll only to find out you’re out of propane.

  • Have Extra Fuel - We recommend having extra propane on hand because when the temperature drops your gas grill will use more propane than in the summer to keep the grill hot. Keeping an extra propane tank will prevent a run-out.

  • Pick The Right Spot - During the colder months, you may need to move your grill to keep the winter winds at bay, but keep in mind that your grill should never be too close to your home and no matter what the weather - you should never, ever grill inside your garage.

grilling food in the winter

  • Do As Much Prep Inside - Make sure to have everything set to go before you head out. You don’t want to get stuck prepping your food in the cold if you don’t have to.

  • Allow Extra Time - Speaking of temperatures dropping, remember colder temps means your grill will take longer to rise. While you’re at it, plan for additional cooking times as most foods will take longer to grill in the cold as well.

  • Keep Your Grill Shut- Your grill should be nice and tightly closed. You’re not going to keep a hot grill if you don’t keep the lid closed. Every time you open the lid, you’re allowing precious heat to escape and prolonging the cooking time.

  • Light It Up - During the winter, the sun sets early and gets dark quickly. If you’re grilling dinner, make sure your grill is in a well-lit area or invest in a grill light.

  • Stay Warm, But Safe - Lastly, make sure to bundle up if you’re going out in the cold, but remember to tuck in any winter gear or loose clothing items, and keep them safe and secure so they don’t fall off as you cook. Also, don’t forget, winter gloves are not heat resistant and should never be used as a substitute for grilling gloves.

We hope these tips will help you grill on no matter what the weather report says! Be sure to stay safe and remember that Nelson Propane is here to service all your propane needs.

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