Exciting Uses For Propane That Will Blow Your Mind.

exciting uses for propane

We get it. Propane may not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but you’ll be surprised by the not-so-boring ways this versatile fuel source is used for. While gas grills and cooktops typically come to mind, don’t let this wonderfully common clean-burning fuel fool you.

Propane is way more vast than you might think. From theme parks to ice skating rinks to reaching new heights on hot air balloons, here are some fascinating ways propane is used.

propane flame hot air balloon

Hot Air Balloons

When it comes to propane-powered leisure travel, propane is most often used for recreational vehicles and campers, but there’s also a less conventional way to hitch a ride. Hot air balloons all use liquid propane to fuel their flight and glide through the skies.

Golf Courses

Propane golf course equipment maintains the pristine condition of golf course greens without sacrificing work efficiency. Commercial mowers that run on propane also require less expensive fueling costs and produce lower emissions than standard gas.

Construction Sites

Propane is often used to fuel construction mainstays like jobsite heaters, mobile light towers, and portable generators of all sizes that keep projects moving year-round.

propane zamboni

Ice Resurfacing Machines

If you like to skate, you have propane to thank for the nice smooth surface of the ice rink. Many ice resurfacers, including Zambonis use propane as their fuel source and are used in most hockey rinks and arenas.

School Buses

Yes. Even big yellow school buses use autogas. School districts of all sizes as well as business and government organizations are seeing reduced fuel costs as well as cleaner air for communities by switching their fleet vehicles to propane autogas.

Fruit Ripening

Ever wonder how some produce can be perfectly ripe in the middle of winter? Farmers often adjust ethylene produced by propane gas to control fruit ripening and get it to the best level of taste and maturity.

Power Torches

Blacksmiths and metal casters use propane to power torches; artists and makers use it to create flame effects like flambeau torches, flame cannons, Rubens’ tubes, and other visual displays.

propane flame special effects

Special Effects

Propane is commonly used in theme parks, concerts, and in the movie industry as an inexpensive, high-energy fuel for explosions and other special effects.

Aerosol Spray

Propane is used as a propellant for many household aerosol sprays, including shaving creams and air fresheners.

There are so many exciting ways propane can be used for. But, however you decide to fuel up on propane, let Nelson Propane service all your propane needs! We’re always here to help your home or business any way we can. Contact us today!

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