Your Summertime Propane Checklist

We don’t know about y’all but we hate this time of year. Summer is coming to a close and the kiddos are back to school, (or in Zoom classes), which means early morning rushes, crazy schedules, and strict routines.

Summer propane checklist

With life at a frenzy right now, we know propane maintenance and inspection is the last thing on your mind. But regular inspection of your propane tanks and appliances, is the best way to ensure your propane appliances are running safely and efficiently. Here is a quick checklist to run through before the cold weather snaps.

Propane Tank Checklist

  • Check for rust. If not taken care of quickly, rust can cause serious, long-term damage to your tank. The sooner your remove any signs of rust the better. This will eliminate the possibility of propane leakage and prevent contamination.

  • Paint your tank. Summer is a great time to paint your tank. Once you clean and remove any signs of rust, it’s ready for a fresh coat a paint. This will keep it looking nice and clean, and provide you an extra layer of protection.

  • Clear Debris. Another great thing to do during the summer is to clean the area around your tank. This includes clearing the path of any wasp nests, branches, or poison ivy that may prevent the tanks from being accessible to drivers and technicians.

  • Refill Tank. Before winter comes, it’s always a good idea to refill your tanks. This way you aren’t scrambling to get it refilled before the cold weather hits.

Propane Appliance Checklist

This is a good time to have your annual service for your propane appliances. Remember to schedule annual inspections and maintenance on the following:

  • Propane Furnace/Boiler

  • Propane Fireplace

  • Propane Water Heater

  • Propane Oven/Range

  • Propane Clothes Dryer

It's important that you never make any repairs or modifications to your propane tanks or appliances on your own. This should be taken care of by a certified technician. Remember, Nelson Propane is always here for all maintenance and propane needs. Give us a call. 800-234-9052

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