Clever Ways To Hide Your Propane Tank

While above ground propane tanks certainly improve the quality of your home, we know that they certainly don’t improve the view. Many homeowners appreciate propane as a reliable and cost-effective fuel option, but let’s face it - most propane tanks don’t always seamlessly fit in with your yard’s aesthetic, and for many, these tanks can become outright eyesores.

Hide Your Propane Tank

Hiding propane tanks can take some creativity, not the least because they need open space for safety and servicing. But here are some tips and tricks you can use to conceal unsightly tanks.

Build A Fence

Building a fence around the tank is a popular choice for many homeowners. Choose a style and color of fence that complements your existing landscaping, and be sure to leave enough space inside the fence to service and fill the tank.

Screening Plants

Use shrubbery or flowers around the tank to create a privacy screen. This can create a beautiful solution for your propane tanks just remember to leave access to the tank's fill valve.

Rock Cover

Another creative solution is to use a rock cover designed to look like authentic boulders. These can come at a steep price, but can guard your tank against rust and deterioration from rain and snow all-year round.

While your home may need a propane tank, remember it doesn’t mean you have to live with an eyesore. Creative solutions can help blend it naturally with its surroundings. However your propane tank looks, Nelson Propane is always here to service all your propane needs professionally and efficiently every time.

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