Fire Up The Propane Grill For BBQ Month

Fire up the grill, it's BBQ month! While you may not want to host a big backyard cookout this year, we know few things give Texans as much joy as a delicious BBQ. Whether it's spicy brisket, dry-rub chicken, or baby-back ribs, we know how to celebrate a meaty occasion right!

National BBQ month with Nelson Propane

In case you didn’t know, The Barbecue Council founded National Barbecue Month back in 1963. And even though we’re in unpredictable times, we can still keep the tradition alive by going outside and preparing a BBQ meal with all the fixins’.

But in order to make your meaty-fix just right you need the right ingredients - including proper tools and appliances, like a propane grill or smoker. Why?

Gas grills are much faster than charcoal. They provide instant, even flame with temperature control and are also much cleaner, and don’t leave a residue or ash to dispose of, or create harmful pollutants, making gas grills much more environmentally-friendly. It’s no surprise that more than 63 percent of homeowners who cook outdoors use propane gas grills.

grilling bbq on propane grill

While propane smokers are also one of the most affordable types of smokers. They produce great tasting results, and can fit a lot of food at once while not taking a lot of space on your deck.

Remember, you don’t have to be from the great state of Texas to enjoy National BBQ month, but why would you go anywhere else to celebrate it?

bbq ribs nelson propane gas

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