Quarantine Grilling Safety Tips

The weather is warm. The bees are buzzing. The birds are chirping. So why not throw some steaks, burgers and hot dogs on the grill while we self-isolate? With many families hunkering down and practicing social distancing, it’s the perfect time to dust off the ol’ grill and spend some quality time outdoors sizzling up your favorite recipes.

Quarantine Grilling

But before you quarantine and grill, we want to remind you of some important safety tips:

-If you haven’t used the grill for some time, make sure you thoroughly check the inside. Rodents and small animals tend to set up nests in the outdoor equipment that sits idle for some time.

-Before you begin grilling, take a few minutes to re-familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's manual. Double check the proper procedure for connecting a cylinder and for igniting your particular model.

-Don’t forget to inspect the propane tank! Pull the tank out and look for any visible damage like cracks or dents. In addition, use the water and soap mixture to check for any leaks.

-Use your grill in an open area with good clearance above it. Remove any combustible materials that may be nearby.

-Keep the lid of the grill open while lighting to avoid flash burns. In addition, never leave the grill unattended.

-Lastly, make sure you have enough propane in your grilling tanks! Extra uses means you need extra tanks. Fortunately, there are a number of Nelson Propane refill and exchange locations to help you shelter in place, or contact your local Nelson Propane location to schedule a service or refill. Happy grilling ya’ll!

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