Safeguarding Your Propane Home During Hurricanes and Storms

Hurricane season is here and that means mother nature can deliver us a heavy blow at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s hurricanes, tornadoes, or severe storms, it’s important to know what to do before, during, and after disaster strikes.


Being prepared and staying informed is crucial. While, you can anticipate a hurricane in advance, often tornadoes and severe storms can be just as devastating to your property, and don’t come with an advance warning. Therefore, it’s important to make preparations well in advance and implement them when the need arises.


You should always check to make sure you have an adequate supply of propane for an emergency situation. Scheduling a bulk delivery, or stocking up on 20lb cylinder tanks, is always a good idea so that your family is fully equipped to handle a storm.

It’s also important to take extra precaution and storm-proof your propane tank by making sure it’s properly secured before the storm.

Finally, it’s good to know where the shut-off valves are located so that you can safely turn off your gas in the event of an emergency to prevent any damage to your home or propane tank.



Keep up to date with local news and emergency response crews. In the event you have to leave, turn the propane off to provide an extra level of safety if there’s a leak or damage to the system.

However, use good judgment. Beware of hail, debris, or falling trees or limbs, and always remember that your life is far more important than the concern for propane tank security.


If your home was affected by high winds, heavy flooding, or other damaging conditions, make sure to reach out to us so we can evaluate your propane system and give you the all-clear before reusing it. Know the signs of a leak by detecting the rotten-eggs odorant added to propane, and report it immediately. Assess any obvious damage and give us a call so that we can service it as soon as possible.

If you have more safety-related questions or want to know about our propane tank and services, give us a call at 800-234-9052

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