Back To School: Why Propane School Buses Are At The Head Of The Class

School-children around the nation are heading back to school in the next coming weeks which means, new supplies, new teachers, and for some, new propane-fueled school buses as well. While the majority of school buses are still run on diesel, a growing number of school districts are switching to cleaner-burning alternatives like propane to make a positive impact on our kids futures, including some in our home state of Texas.

propane fueling school bus

Although propane isn’t new to the school transportation world, in fact, some U.S. districts have relied on propane autogas school buses since the 1970s, but over the last several years the number has increased by 700 percent with more than 17,000 propane-fueled school buses driving more than 1 million students to and from school every day.

Why is this such a big deal?

Think about how much time a student spends on a school bus breathing in harmful diesel smoke and tailpipe emissions that can aggravate asthma and other breathing issues, not to mention diesel and gasoline can contaminate soil and water resources through spills, leaching, and water runoff. Quite alarming, isn't it?

kids getting on school bus

Propane autogas produces 96 percent fewer NOx emissions compared with clean diesel buses. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than clean diesel, and provides the lowest total-cost-of-ownership of any fuel option. Which means, school districts can save money and that can go right back into students classrooms.

It’s time to leave the loud, smelly, toxic buses in the past and drive to the future with propane autogas buses. Want to learn more about propane and how it can fuel your business or home? Visit our contact page or call us at 800-234-9052

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