Keep Your Lights On! Be Storm-Ready With a Propane-Fueled Generator

Severe storms are a fact of life when you live in Texas. We have everything from hurricanes to floods, hail storms, and tornadoes. Unfortunately, all can wreak havoc on your home and power grid, which is why every homeowner should be prepared.

Be storm ready with propane generator

There a simple things you can do, such as having an updated emergency kit with flashlights and batteries, but having a backup emergency power generator is another way to be storm-ready and keep your home functioning, despite the conditions outside.

Why Use A Propane Generator?

Unlike gasoline or diesel-fueled generators, a propane generator will not gum up and clog the engine if left sitting for a long period of time. In fact, clean burning propane has an indefinite shelf life and will not spoil, which is ideal for an emergency generator.

Even when the weather turns cold, propane will not thicken or gel like diesel fuel, and because it burns cleaner, propane also produces less emissions than other fuels.

Nelson Propane Generator

Having a propane-fueled generator means being able to reliably start your generator when extreme weather strikes and enjoy the normal comforts of home.

You may not be able to predict the weather, but you can always count on Nelson Propane Gas for superior, reliable propane services for your home and business. We are confident you’ll quickly discover what makes us different than other propane companies when you become a new customer! Reach out to us at 800-234-9052

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