3 Grill Propane Tank Safety Tips Everyone Should Know About

Whether propane is being used regularly or once in a while, ensuring that appropriate safety measures are followed is utmost important for any household. Most people are not aware that even an empty, unattended tank can become a hazard. We put together 3 top propane tank safety tips that could be followed to ensure the safety of the household:

Fire Extinguisher_NelsonPropane

1.Tank Storage.

Do not bring the propane tank inside and do not leave it in a garage or a hot car. Moving the tank from outside or keeping it in enclosed spaces might increase the propane temperature which in turn will turn it into a hazard. The best way to go about propane storage is to keep it outside on a flat surface and in an upright position. Ideally, the propane tank should be kept about 10 feet away from flammable materials.

2.Tank Inspection.

Inspect your propane tank for leaks prior usage. You can use a washcloth and a soap/water mix to locate the leak. Just dip the washcloth into a soap solution, apply it to any tank connections you suspect might be leaking and slowly open the valve. If the soap solution starts bubbling, then there is a good indication that your tank might be leaking.

3.Tank Transportation.

Ideally, propane tanks should be moved by the professional propane company. However, we understand that it is not always feasible. To safely transport propane tank, place it in the back wedged between the seats. Make sure it is securely fastened in an upright position. Keep the car cooled and don’t keep the tank inside longer than needed.

Finally, do not move the propane tank in the trunk. Propane tanks can heat up and start emitting gas which can eventually ignite.

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