The Easiest Way to Find Out If You Have Enough Propane Left For The Next Party

Barbecues, dinner parties, birthday celebrations…The success of all these events relies on a sufficient quantity of propane in your grill tank. Imagine hosting a bunch of people and running out of propane in the middle of the grilling process. No one wants to deal with hungry folk...Unfortunately, most smaller propane tanks do not come with a gauge.

So, what’s the easiest way to tell how much propane is left in your tank?


First, you may want to try and gauge the level of propane by running water on a side of the propane tank.

- Get a bucket of hot tap water.

- Run the water on a side of the propane tank.

- Feel the wet side of the propane tank with your hand.

Propane absorbs the heat; hence warm patches will mean air and cold patches will mean propane. This test can quickly reveal where your propane level is currently at.

Next, you may want to try and gauge the level of the propane tank by simply weighing it. This test would require a scale and some propane knowledge. An average grill propane tank weights approximately 17 pounds when empty. To figure out how much propane is left in your tank, weight it and subtract the weight of empty propane from the actual weight of the tank. For example, if your propane tank weights 20 pounds than by subtracting the empty weight you will end up with 3 pounds of actual propane...Which means it’s time to refill!

Finally, an average propane tank will last approximately for 8 to 10 hours of cooking time. You can always approximate the time of cooking left by simply keeping a tab of cooking hours. It is not accurate, but can give you a good idea whether you have enough gas to last through the next barbecue!


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