Why Not All Fuels Are Created Equal: The Propane Story

Propane gas is one of the most efficient energy sources in the world. Millions of Americans use propane on a daily basis to power up various household systems, run cars, or enjoy outdoors. Here are a few reasons why you should switch to propane.

Why Not All Fuels Are Created Equal: The Propane Story - Nelson Propane Gas

First, propane gas is much cleaner than other energy sources. This type of fuel is non-toxic and environment-friendly. In fact, the Clean Air Act and Energy policy of 1992 recognized propane as one of the cleanest fuels. Since propane is a clean-burning fuel, by using propane you cut down on carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Second, propane gas is efficient and affordable. While other fuel prices, like oil, keep fluctuating, propane remains relatively stable. In addition, propane gas is very efficient. Propane-fuelled appliances have a much longer lifetime and use less energy. Hence, by switching to propane-powered appliances you might save quite a bit in the operating costs.

Third, propane is plentiful and portable. Propane is very compact in a liquid form, which enables it to be easily stored and transported. Once can be prepared for about any natural disaster and power outages by storing sufficient amounts of propane. In addition, most of the propane used in the country is produced in the United States. Hence, by using propane one contributes to the countries economy and helps to create new jobs.

Why Not All Fuels Are Created Equal: The Propane Story - Nelson Propane Gas

Last but not least, propane gas is versatile. Almost any of the household systems can be powered by propane. Think heating systems, water heaters, stoves, lighting, even lawn mowers. In addition, due to easy portability, it is easy to use propane outdoors. Camping, grilling, and off the grid hiking

Nelson Propane provides propane, heating equipment, and service to families and commercial customers in Texas. While our company has expanded over the years to better serve the growing needs of our customers, one thing has never changed — our commitment to old-fashioned values. At Nelson, we stand behind what we sell, honor our promises, and guarantee your satisfaction with every job we do. You can trust us to give you sound advice, install quality equipment, and take care of your service needs promptly and professionally.

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