Your Guide to Using Propane in the Fall

Apple cider, pumpkins, beautiful foliage, and that long-awaited hot weather relief… Fall is all these things and more…In fact, the football, Thanksgiving, State Fair, and numerous pumpkin festivals make fall one of the most beautiful seasons in Texas.

Propane and Gas company in Texas - Nelson Propane Inc

Even though we all enjoy those cooler temperatures, fall is the right time to start thinking about heating indoor and outdoor spaces. By using propane fireplaces, space heaters, and fire pits, homeowners can enjoy the outdoor space throughout the fall. In addition to added comfort, propane-powered heating devices can enhance the outdoor space ambiance and increase the home value. And let’s not forget, that by using propane, homeowners avoid issues related to unsafe fire sparks and hot embers.

Next, if you don’t own a propane powered water heater, it’s time to start thinking about getting one. Propane water heaters might be approximately 30 percent cheaper than electric heaters. In addition, propane appliances are much more efficient than electric ones. Some of propane water heaters can heat approximately twice the amount of water an electric heater would! Hence, keeping in mind the cooler temperatures, fall is the right time to start looking for a more efficient way of heating water.

Propane and Gas company in Texas - Nelson Propane Inc

Finally, fall is the right time to inspect the propane-fueled furnace. Having no heat might not sound that serious in fall, however, come winter freeze a broken furnace can bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to a household. To avoid all that, homeowners need to check the propane valve and ensure it is open and ready to heat the air. Next, homeowners need to check if the pilot lights are lit and properly working. Ideally, one should call a professional to inspect the furnace and propane gas connections prior to operating the appliance.

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