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Top 3 Propane Myths Debunked

July 24, 2018

Propane gas is used in more than 48 million households across the United States.  Approximately, 90% of all propane gas consumed in the United States is produced domestically. By using domestically produced propane gas, those 48 million households are less subject to energy security risks since it does not depend on fuels imported from other countries.


Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions and myths stopping the rest of the population from using propane gas in their households.  This leads to a lot of confusion and stops people from understanding the real benefits of using propane gas. We put together 3 most common myths our clients have about propane to clear up some of the confusion.  


Cost. High residential propane prices are just a myth. Propane is approximately twice more efficient than natural gas. In fact, propane fuelled appliances have a longer lifetime, use less energy and in turn, cost less to operate. For example, by switching to a propane gas powered water heater you might save up to “60% in operating costs”.


Safety. Propane is safe! It is a clean-burning, non-toxic and environment-friendly fuel. Properly maintained propane tanks reduce the unlikely event of a propane leak. Scheduling an automatic delivery or refilling propane gas with Nelson Propane will make sure you never run out of gas, which in turn, will keep those pilot lights continuously on. In addition, Nelson Propane safety trained employees can show you where the valves are located while installing the new propane systems or lines. Make a note of it and keep it handy in case of emergency.


Limited Uses. Grilling comes to most people minds when thinking about propane gas uses. They could not be more wrong. Propane can be used almost anywhere in your household. Lawn mowers, water heaters, fire pits, even mosquito traps! Propane gas is so versatile that almost everything that runs on electricity can be switched to propane.


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