How To Select The Best Propane Fire Pit For Your Backyard

A gas fire pit serves as a centerpiece for those cozy summer nights or evenings of roasting marshmallows with family and friends. Propane fire pits are smokeless (you won’t smell like smoke the next day!), and ashless, which means you can spend more time with your loved ones instead of maintaining the fire and cleaning up the ash. In addition, propane fire pits can be used almost anywhere and will enhance and highlight the best landscapes features.

How To Select The Best Propane Fire Pit For Your Backyard - Nelson Propane

There are many features and things one should consider prior to purchasing the gas fire pit. To make the process easier, we prepared a quick checklist of important things to consider before buying or replacing a gas propane fire pit.

  • Budget. The cost of gas fire pit can range anywhere from 200 dollars to a few thousand dollars in the market. Setting a budget prior to the trip to the home store will save time and efforts needed to find the right product for you.

  • Fire Pit Flexibility. Do you want a permanent for movable fire pit? If you want a permanent gas fire pit, take into consideration the materials used in your backyard to ensure the gas fire pit blends in nicely. On the other hand, a movable gas fire pit can be a great option for you. if you do not have a dedicated space for gatherings, or like to go on camping trips. Safety Tip: Do not place the movable gas fire pit on top of the wooden surface.

How To Select The Best Propane Fire Pit For Your Backyard - Nelson Propane

  • Materials. Fire pits can be made of aluminum, cast iron, stone, stainless steel or other materials. Choose the material that is less likely to rust or stain. Cast iron is heavy, but a solid option for a long-lasting propane fire pit.

  • Function. Are you planning to grill or use the fire pit purely to create a nicer ambiance? If grilling is one of your needs, make sure the fire pit comes with cooking grate. In addition, to allow family and guests to enjoy the warmth of a fire consider a table fire pit.

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