How A Propane Mosquito Trap Could Save Your Summer

Texas has around 85 types of mosquitos that lay eggs in drains, potted plants, and any other place with standing water. Mosquitos can carry infections like Zika or West Nile virus and infect dogs with heartworms. Anyone bit by an infected mosquito can end up having severe health issues.

How A Propane Mosquito Trap Could Save Your Summer - Nelson Propane

Unfortunately, mosquitos love hot weather. Hence, summer in Texas is the peak time for these insects. Even if you are not afraid of contracting a severe disease, mosquitos are just a pure nuisance that can turn your outdoor space into an unpleasant place to be. Some mosquitos lay eggs in water and some lay eggs in places that tend to get wet. Which means that even if you get rid of standing water, you will not get rid of mosquitos. Candles and sprays are not effective and do not provide a good coverage as well.

So, is there a better way to protect yourself from mosquitos? Yes, there is! Propane mosquito traps offer an effective way to ensure nothing disturbs you from enjoying the outdoor space. Propane traps attract mosquitos by converting propane into CO2 and in turn, imitate human breath. Mosquitos get attracted to the trap and get sucked in by a powerful vacuum.

Most of the propane mosquito traps are easy to maintain, easy to move and can clear mosquitos in up to one-acre area. In addition, the traps area safe for kids and animals, and do not emit any odor, like citronella candles or other mosquito repellents. Finally, even though the propane traps use a vacuum to get the job done, most of the machines are quiet and won’t disturb your peace!

How A Propane Mosquito Trap Could Save Your Summer - Nelson Propane

You will need to use propane tanks to power up the mosquito trap. All propane tanks should have an OPD valve to prevent overfilling and get purged before the filling. Failure to purge the tank might cause additional pressure inside, which will dilute the propane vapor.

Nelson Propane can assist in purging and filling up your propane mosquito container. In addition, you can set up a regular propane delivery to ensure your mosquito trap does not run out of propane gas.

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