Why It Pays To Use Propane: 5 Reasons To Switch Today

Are you tired of high energy bills and electricity power cuts? Or perhaps, you are planning to move into a new home? If so, you should consider using propane for your household needs. Propane gas is a reliable fuel option that provides significant benefits over natural gas and electricity.

Here are 5 reasons you should switch to propane gas right now:

• Energy Security. Since a majority of the oil is imported from politically unstable countries, there is a great chance for a shortage of petroleum and other oil byproducts. However, most of the propane gas is produced in the USA and distributed via “an established infrastructure”, hence using propane not only increases energy security but also creates jobs.

• Efficiency. With over 90,000 BTUs in one gallon, propane is approximately twice more efficient than natural gas. In addition, appliances like propane water heaters “use less energy and cost less to operate” compared to electrical water heaters. Most of the propane-powered appliances have a longer lifespan due to the energy efficiency.

• Environment-friendly. Clean Air Act and Energy policy of 1992 recognized propane as one of the cleanest fuels. It’s a clean-burning fuel, hence by using propane you cut down on carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment. In addition, propane is non-toxic. It doesn’t leave a residue or spill, so it won’t affect the soil if spillage occurs.

• Versatility. Propane can be used to power up about any household system. Almost everything that runs on electricity can be switched to propane. Propane can be used to power up dishwashers, water heaters, home lighting, motor vehicles etc.

• Storage. Propane is easily stored and can be transported if needed. Nelson Propane can sell or lease propane tanks and deliver them directly to your household, which makes it easy to stock up on propane and never worry about running out.

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