5 Ways To Use Propane In Your Home

Propane is non-toxic, energy efficient fuel that is currently used by approximately 48 million households in the USA.1 Propane is easily stored and can be transported if needed. In addition, The National Propane Gas Association offers propane as a choice of fuel for environment conscious consumers since this type of fuel is clean burning, meaning it won’t impact the environment the way other types of fuel do.2

5 Ways To Use Propane In Your Home - Nelson Propane - Texas

Some of the people use propane to power up the backyard grills or recreational vehicle appliances during road trips. However, one should not forget that propane is extremely versatile and can also be used to power up various home systems.

Here are five great ways to use propane in your home:

1. Water Heater. Consider using propane to power up your water heater. Not only it is much cheaper (propane-powered water heaters are approximately 30 percent cheaper than electric heaters), but also more efficient.3 In one-hour propane water heater can heat approximately twice the amount of water an electric heater would. 4

2. Appliances. Dryers, ovens, refrigerators, you name it…Propane can be used to power up all sorts of household appliances. Propane is reliable and easy to store, hence by using propane powered appliances one can reduce the chance of not being able to store food or cook during those common summer power outages.

3. Fireplaces. Convenient and easy to use, propane fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere in the house. In addition to being a great decorative piece, propane-powered fireplaces provide warmth (propane emanates additional heat) and are easy to maintain!

4. Pool Heaters. Propane pool heaters can quickly heat up the pool and maintain the desired temperature despite the outdoor conditions.

Tip: Since propane pool heaters heat up the water in a very short period of time, to save money heat the pool on as-needed basis.

5. Lawn Mowers. Propane-fueled lawn mowers are easy to use, low in operating costs, and perform well. Similarly, to grills, it is relatively easy to change the propane tank in lawn mowers. In addition, propane burns more efficiently than gasoline.5 Hence by using propane-powered lawn mowers, homeowners could get the job done “more efficiently and more affordably”. 5

If you are interested in learning more about how to use the propane to power up your home, fill out the form below and one of our certified technicians will get in touch with you shortly.

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