How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Ambience with Propane Fueled Lamps

Marshmallows, hot summer nights, family camping trips all come to mind when people start thinking of gas lighting. Even though propane is regularly used as a fuel for lighting during camping trips, propane-fuelled lamps and torches are becoming more and more popular for illuminating outdoor spaces and creating timeless and stylish outdoor spaces.

There are two types of gas lamps that can be powered by propane and used to elevate the look of outdoor space:

Nelson Propane - Gas mantle lamps
  • Gas mantle lamps. These outdoor lamps are very durable and can last for generations.1 Gas mantle lamps require annual maintenance to ensure they perform as suppose to. Gas mantle lamps were used for over a hundred years, hence they are very safe, efficient and perfect for creating a historic and romantic look.

  • Open flame gas lamps. These lamps are also very durable and can last for generations.1 In addition, open flame lamps require only minimal maintenance, like regular glass or debris removal from the inside of the lamp. Open flame gas lamps emit a soft, flickering glow which adds warmth to any outdoor space setting.

Nelson Propane - Gas open flame lamp

Propane powered lamps can be used to illuminate all areas of your outdoor living space, including the following:

  • Entryways. Wall mounted, hanging, or flush mounted propane-fuelled lamps can be used to elevate the first impression and increase curb appeal. In addition, appropriate lighting increases safety and allows for easier navigation after dusk.

  • Landscape. Stunning landscapes can be created with the help of propane fuelled, smokeless, and ashless fire pits. In fact, propane fuelled-lamps can be used almost everywhere to highlight the best landscape features.

Nelson Propane - Landscape gas lamps

  • Seating Area. Propane-fuelled lanterns and gas lamps are great decorative options for spaces that are in need of warm and welcoming illumination. Outdoor seating or dining area will never look the same when using propane-fuelled lanterns or lamps to create the timeless and romantic look.

Nelson Propane - Seating area gas lamps

Propane is a non-toxic gas product that is an efficient fuel to power up your outdoor lighting fixtures. In fact, propane is “almost 250% more efficient” than natural gas.2

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  2. “Propane vs Natural Gas” by Gas Light Guys on Published on 11/2008, accessed on 5/30/18.

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