Grilling With Propane This Summer? Here Are Some Tips.

As the temperatures rise, so do the holidays and opportunities to grill outdoors. As a leading propane delivery company in Texas, we would like to offer you some propane grilling tips for your safety and enjoyment.

1. Before you even start your first grilling session, become familiarized with the owner's manual and carefully follow instructions for setup and use. Grilling can be a fun activity full of food, drinks and friends, so don't allow a little carelessness to turn into an emergency.

2. Whenever possible, apply condiments and spices to meats hours before grilling. Even better when you do so the day before since this allows the meats to absorb the taste and it allows for the finish product to be tastier.

3. Pre-heat the grill and make sure is hot prior to commencing your grilling session. Most grilling is done by exposure to heat at high temperatures, and by pre-heating, you're making sure food items will cook quickly.

4. Avoid flipping meats several times. Ideally you want to flip it only once because when doing so multiple times, it will dry the meat and make it less tasty. Also, make sure you use tongs and other proper grilling utensils because using a fork will poke holes on make all the juice evaporate.

5. Cook at around 140 degrees for rare beef, 145 degrees for medium rare, 160 degrees for medium and 170 for well done. Burgers should always be done at 160.

6. Once the meats are cooked, allow it to rest on a clean surface, preferably covered in aluminum foil to preserve the temperature. Allowing the meats to rest will allow the juices to distribute evenly.

7. Make sure once you're done you turn the burner completely off and shut-off the cylinder valve. When you're not planning to use the grill often, make sure you cover it to keep it clean.

8. If at any point you smell gas, shut everything off and make sure no open flames are exposed. Avoid using any electronic switches or appliances. Do not reignite until the grill has been inspected by a professional.

9. And finally, and most importantly, when your propane tank is running out, CALL NELSON PROPANE at 903-874-5641 for a refill, or fill out the form below.

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