PROPANE: Energy For Our Future

Historically, propane has played a major role in the domestic energy consumption due to several reasons, and today we will explain why it's not only the energy of choice in the past, but it should be your choice for the future as well.


Compared to all its energy counterparts, propane is the most affordable and price stability will continue for decades to come. Oil has experienced fluctuations in price and over the last few years it has declined sharply, however, propane's consumption and production is expected to see a rapid growth lowering any pressures on pricing.


A clean energy revolution is taking place and propane is one of the leading factors. When choosing propane for your home or business, you are choosing one of the lightest hydrocarbons and cleanest burning fossil fuels known to man. Propane is not harmful to earth or your local environment. Propane vehicles can always meet or exceed the tough ultra-low emission vehicle standards.


In the United States we have always managed to outgrow the demand for propane. Demand has always been met with plenty of reserves. As a matter of fact, America is one of the top world-wide propane producers in the world. When compared to it's gasoline and diesel counterparts, propane is a clean-burning alternative.


Propane is used in roughly 50 million American households, with 7.8 million households using propane for in-home heating, 5.5 million of which depend on propane as their primary space heating fuel. In addition, 4.6 million homes use propane for water heating and over 42 million homes use propane for outdoor grilling activities.

In addition to the significant role propane plays in the residential sector, the propane industry directly serves about 900,000 commercial customers, 168,000 industrial customers, and 320,000 agricultural customers. Propane also continues to be the most common internal combustion fuel for forklifts and has rapidly become the third most common fuel for school buses. U.S. internal combustion demand accounts for 10 percent of domestic retail consumption, and ICF estimates that in the U.S. nearly 143,000 vehicles used propane as fuel in 2015 according to the "Impact of the U.S. Consumer Propane Industry on U.S. and State Economies in 2015" prepared by ICF.

Choose propane today to fuel your home or business and you are choosing an American-made, affordable and environmentally friendly energy source. If you would like to get started or have questions, please fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you promptly.

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