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Safety Tips

  • Become familiar with the chemical odorant of propane which smells a lot like rotten eggs. Nelson Propane has scratch and sniff samples.
  • Propane vapor is heavier than air. In the event of an unintended release of propane vapor, the vapor will migrate to the lowest point.
  • Do not tamper with your Gas Supply Lines.
  • Never attempt a “do-it-yourself” repair on any gas appliance.
  • Know where gas supply lines are located, especially when doing yard work.
  • Do not tamper with any safety devices, regulators or storage tank fittings.
  • Know where your main gas shutoff valve is located.

What to do if you smell gas

If you think you smell propane in your home, RV or the area around any gas equipment; or if a gas alarm signals the presence of propane, you should do the following:

  1. Extinguish all smoking materials and turn off any open flames.
  2. Vacate the building or vehichle immediately.
  3. Do not use any electrical switches, appliances, thermostats, or telephones in the affected area.
  4. Turn your main gas shutoff valve to the off position.
  5. Call Nelson Propane and/or your local fire department from a cell phone or a neighbor’s telephone.

Even if you do not continue to smell propane, do not turn on the supply valve until a qualified Nelson Propane service technician or emergency personnel tests for escaped propane. NEVER test for propane using an open flame. Only suitable leak detection devices should be used. Your Nelson Putman service technician will check all of your appliances and re-light any gas pilots when the leak situation has been resolved.

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